Man killed as his car crashed through a roadside barricade into a ravine

A man was killed after his car skidded out of a mountainous road, crashed through the barricade at a view point and fell into the ravine.

The incident took place at the Huay Tong bride in Lomsak district of Phetchabun at about 5.30 pm of Saturday.

The victim, identified as 43-year old Mr Yutthakarn Puangkaew, was driving his car on the mountainous road. As the car was negotiating a sharp bend at the view point, he lost control of the car which crashed through the barricade and plunged into the ravine about 20 metres below.

At first the car rested momentarily on a tree top and, shortly afterward, fell into the bottom of the ravine.

The car was badly damaged and Mr Yutthakarn who was found dead on the back seat apparently thrown out of the driver’s seat because he didn’t wear safety belt.

About 20 rescue workers arrived at the scene. They used hand tools to cut through the mangled car to pull Yutthakarn out of the wreckage before the body was tied to a rope and lifted out of the ravine.

Pol Lt-Col Somsak Sakorn, an inquiry inspector, said he suspected the driver dozed off momentarily, causing the car to lose control and to crash through the roadside barricade into the ravine.