Man arrested for allegedly duped GSB in Khon Kaen of 38 million baht in housing loans

Police have arrested a man who allegedly duped the Government Housing Bank in Khon Kaen to grant housing loans to 14 individuals totaling 38 million baht with forged government documents.

The suspect, a former hotel manager in Khon Kaen and a land broker, was shown to the media at the forward operations centre of Khon Kaen provincial police in the presence of Pol Maj-Gen Promnatthakhet Hamkampai, the provincial police chief, Muang Khon Kaen district chief Chatchai Ooncharoen and other police officers.

Pol Maj-Gen Promnatthakhet said that legal affairs unit of the GHB in Khon Kaen had lodged a complaint with the police that the bank was duped to have granted 38 million baht in housing loans to 14 individuals, including some military officers, to buy housing units in the northeastern province.

He said that, after three months when the payment of the first instalments of the 14 loans was due, the bank found out that there was no money in their bank accounts and the documents used in applying for the loans were fake.

Police later arrested the 14 individuals who reportedly implicated the suspect of being the man who arranged for all the documents for them and they were each given 100,000 baht for their part in the scam.

The suspect was charged with forging official documents and using the forged documents.