A male gaur found dead in a tapioca plantation

A young male gaur was found shot dead in a tapioca plantation in Wang Nam Khieo district of Nakhon Ratchasima province on Thursday (Nov 9).

A team of forest rangers, led by Wanchai Ladsai, chief of the protection unit of Khao Yai national park, and a veterinarian, went to the site where the gaur was found dead to investigate.

The forestry officials said that the gaur which weighs 1,200 kilogrammes and aged between 10-12 years old bore seven bullet holes inflicted by a shotgun. It was believed to have died 3-4 days ago.

Initial assumption of the officials was that the gaur might have been shot by trophy hunters for its horns and meat, but the animal did not die immediately and limped its way to the tapioca plantation behind Wat Sangkhatarn where it occasionally came in search of food.

The forest officials later lodged a complaint with Wang Nam Khieo district police.

Pol Col Meechai Kamnerdprom, superintendent of Wang Nam Khieo district police, said detectives would be sent to villages in close vicinity of the spot where the dead gaur was found to interview villagers if they have any clue about the shooter.

He expected some information in the next couple of days which might lead to the arrest of the gaur killer.