Malaysian police says IS militants trained in Thailand and other neighboring countries

Malaysian police disclosed on Thursday (Feb 8) that several Islamic State (IS) militants detained since 2013 received bomb-making training in several countries, including Thailand, New Straits Times Online reports.

Federal Police Special Branch Counter-Terrorism Division principal assistant director Datuk Ayob Khan Mydin Pitchay told the media that the IS militants, including two women, had good contacts in other countries, especially Thailand and they had received training from militants in Thailand, Indonesia and other neighbouring countries.

“Apart from networking with local IS members, our investigations have revealed that the Kelantan IS militants have good contacts in other countries, especially Thailand.

“This was based on investigations into the 23, who were detained the last three years.

“Some of them learned to make bombs, while the rest learnt to handle weapons,” he told the New Straits Times.

More than 300 IS militants, including students, have been detained in Malaysia since 2013 and most of the militants held in Kelantan had crossed into southern Thailand from illegal jetties along the Sungai Golok river.

Although the number of militants held in Kelantan are fewer, Ayob Khan said he could not take this for granted and officers would continue regular checks to ensure the people live peacefully without any untoward incidents.