Malaysian motorist killed as insurgents attack a Thai southern road checkpoint in Narathiwat

A Malaysian national was killed after an unidentified number of southern separatists attacked a police road checkpoint in Tak Bai district of Narathiwat province on Sunday night.

The gun attack prompted the southern security personnel to impose maximum security measures by setting up mobile checkpoints on key southern highways passing 13 sensitive districts in the three insurgency plagued provinces as more violence is anticipated as this month marks the 13th anniversary of the Tak Bai incident.

The Malaysian victim was identified as Wanrusaril Ben Wan Mohammed, 31.

The victim was reported to drive pass the road checkpoint as it came under gun attack by unidentified number of insurgents.

Forensic and EOD police inspecting the attacked checkpoint this morning found more than 50 M16 cases on the road.

Reinforcement comprising soldiers, police and militia are combing the area today hunting for the insurgents.