Former justice minister Chaikasem: Next PM will be in office up to ten years
The Constitutional Court’s ruling on the draft constitution regarding the attached question voted in the referendum will make it easier for an outsider to be appointed the next prime minister who will be in the office for up to ten years – two terms of four years each plus two years before the elections, said Mr Chaikasem Nitisiri, former justice minister and attorney general, on Thursday.
DSI officials faulted for dereliction of duties
A group of Department of Special Investigation (DSI) officials on duty the night former Phang-nga land official Thawatchai Anukul died mysteriously have been faulted for dereliction of duty and making false report.
VDO: A petrol station assistant shot dead and the station bombed in Pattani
Suspected militants shot dead a petrol station assistant and then set off two bombs planted near the station in Pattani’s Kok Pho district Thursday, wounding six officials and civilians as they were at the scene for an investigation.