LPG Price Hike draws more protest

Activists of the Foundation for Consumers will march to the Energy Ministry this afternoon with a letter inviting the minister and top executives of the state-own PTT Plc to join a public forum to discuss the issue.

Activist leader Itaboon Anwongsa said about 30 members from his foundation would like Energy Minister Pongsak Raktapongpaisarn and PTT Plc president & CEO Pailin Chuchottaworn join the forum with ML Kasiwat Kasemsri, a representative of the people’s network at the mass rally organized by the foundation and the people’s networks on Monday (September 9).

Meanwhile Energy Minister Pongsak said that LPG price for the transport section needed to be discussed again at another meeting in order to assist  small public transport services operators such as Tuk-Tuk, taxis, and song-taew or the two-row seated pickup buses. He said this meeting would focus on assisting low-income earners and  operators providing transport services for low-income earners.

As for the recent increase of LPG gas for household use by 50 satang per kilogram, Mr Pongsak insisted that  it would have no impact on cost of living of the people as the government  has issued measures to give rights for 7.6 million low-income household, vendors to buy cooking gas at the same price before the rise. He said that the 50 satang price increase has added just  merely 2 satang  on top of the cost   of  ready-to-eat food.

He said if any food vendors and stalls adjusted price of their food citing the rise in cooking gas, he would like the people to call the commerce ministry so that  legal action will be taken against them.