Lottery vendors arrested for overpricing

Samut Prakarn police yesterday(Oct 31) arrested several lottery vendors after they sold lottery tickets higher than the government-controlled prices.

Among the arrested vendors are Ms Pawanrat and Mrs Sawadee Kachenharn.

They are charged for overpricing lottery tickets which is subject to one month imprisonment and 10,000 baht fine at maximum.

The police, however, fined them 5,000 baht each.But they couldn’t afford the fine and are later put behind bar.

Ms Pawanrat admitted that she sold higher than the controlled pruc because she bought the lottery for resale from lottery dealers at Kokwua junction on Ratchadamneon road for 82-85 baht each.

She said these dealers sold lottery tickets in batches of 2-10 tickets at an average 99-100 baht for a ticket.

As the cost was high, she had to sell higher.

She said she didn’t have lottery quota, therefore she has to buy them for resale to make some profit.

She added it was unfair to arrest them as those dealers at Kokwua junction should deserve the punishment.

Another vendor Mrs Sawadee said she bought the lottery at Kokwua junction at more than 80 baht, therefore she has to resell at higher price to make some earning for her family.