Local city mayor’s driver shot dead in South

A village defense volunteer who was the driver of a city mayor of Su-ngai Kolok district of Narathiwat was shot dead while he was riding his motorcycle home last night.

Sakree Maya-e, 26, was riddled with five  M 16 shots and died on the spot on the road in Turamae village of Tambon Pasemas.

Investigation revealed that he was the driver of  Sakulsak Madao, the city mayor of Tambon Pasemas local administration organization in Su-ngai Kolok district.

The driver left his home to the town for some work and after finishing, he returned home alone riding in his motorcycle at about midnight.

He was approached by two men in a motorcycle while arriving near his home. The pillion rider then sprayed bullets from a M 16 assault rifle at him.

Police found five spent M 16 shell cases at the scene and believed insurgency-related attack was a motive of the slaying.