List of applicants for EC posts examined by selection panel

The panel for the selection of Election Commission members held its first meeting on Tuesday (Nov 14) to conduct a preliminary examination of the 41 applicants for the posts.

The panel, chaired by Supreme Court president Cheep Julamon, went through the list of the applicants and laid down a scope of work.

The secretary of the panel will send information on the applicants to concerned agencies to check their backgrounds and qualifications for verification.  Those agencies are to return the results to the selection panel by Nov 30.

To qualify for the EC posts, the applicants are required to have worked as a professor for at least five years, to have held the post of at least a director-general or head of a government office for at least five years, to have been in a profession recognised by the law for at least 20 years, or to have worked in the social sector for at least 20 years.

On Dec 4, the selection panel will hold a meeting to pick five from the qualified applicants and two from the persons selected by a plenary meeting of the Supreme Court judges.

A list of the seven names nominated for the EC posts will then be forwarded to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) for endorsement in 45 days of being put on a meeting agenda.