Lift at Maxx Hotel falls after electrical short-circuit

A lift of a three-star Bangkok hotel on Rama 9 fell off from the 24th floor early Friday morning (Feb 23) after a brief fire at an elevator control room.

Huay Kwang police said the accident happened at the 350-room Maxx Hotel at about 8am, but there was no injuries.

Initital report said there was eletrical short circuit at the control room of the lifts, sparking off a fire.

The fire quickly raged to one of the hotel’s five lifts, causing it to fall from the 24th floor and stuck at the 16th floor. Other four lifts also stranded as electricity was cut.

The hotel immediately alerted all its guests and evacuated them down to the lobby and the ground  floor before cutting all its power supply

Several fire trucks arrived and firefighters were led to the 16th floor by hotel guards where there was fire and the fallen lift stuck.

They forced open the gutted lift but found no passengers inside. Four other lifts were also empty.

Forensic police and city officials were inspecting the hotel to see whether the fire has caused any damage to the lifts to ensure safety. But initially the hotel has ceased functioning of the lifts pending thorough checks.