Life as usual as patriotic songs sound

Schools closure and offices allowing employees to work at homes have slighted normal congested traffic on Bangkok streets Friday as the second day after the military coup still sounded with nationalistic and patriotic songs on all television and radio broadcast.

TV screens viewed only the National Peace and Order Maintaining Council (NPOMC) banner while patriotic songs played as backgrounds.
The no-motion TV screen is periodically interrupted by NPOMC spokesman in Army uniform coming out to make new announcement.

From 6.00 a.m. Friday, only two new announcements were made with over two hours of each interval.

Many offices in the inner zone of the capital and commercial areas allowed their staff to work from homes and late night work are suspended temporarily as employers fear of inconvenience travel or could trigger rush for homes when most people try not to defy the 10.00 p.m.-5.00 a.m. curfew.

Thursday night’s rush for homes when first day of curfew took effect caused worst traffic jams on most streets of Bangkok.
Sky train and subway train announced to halt services two and a half hours faster than normal operating time forced commuters to flock stations for feast of missing the last train.
One office employee said her employer allowed her to return home after the coup was announced on TV 4.30 p.m.

She could make it to home at Talingchan at 10.00 p.m. from Ratchadapisek.
Others also complained of taking over three to five hours from normal one hour or two.

But for Friday night it was expected to be improved when all schools are closed, and many offices also allowed employees to return homes faster.