Law to protect EC from prosecution for electoral candidates’ backgrounds disclosure to be issued

A law may be promulgated to grant immunity from prosecution to the Election Commission in case the commission discloses the backgrounds of candidates for senatorial posts to the public.

Mr Chartchai na Chiangmai, spokesman of the Constitution Drafting Committee, said the law to protect the EC from prosecution was necessary because the EC tends to be reluctant to divulge the backgrounds, including criminal records, of senatorial candidates.

The EC’s apparent reluctance to bear all the facts about the senatorial candidates, he pointed out, has deprived members of the public access to crucial information which would otherwise help them decide which candidates they should vote for.

The EC, said Mr Chartchai, will take into consideration the possibility of such legislation before it is raised with the CDC.

The spokesman said that the committee tasked with sounding out opinions of stakeholders had agreed to classify the stakeholders into four groups: firstly, the National Council for Peace and Order, the National Legislative Assembly and the National Reform Steering Committee; secondly, governmental agencies, independent organizations and other orgainsations; thirdly, political parties and fourthly, members of the public.

The opinions voiced by the four groups will be compiled and considered in conjunction with the drafting of the charter.