Lao-Thai railway expansion plan on track

Following a series of amendments, the Lao-Thai railway project phase II plan has been completed, with major activities to be railway expansion and the construction of warehouses.

Head of the Railway Management Unit, Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Somsana Lasaphong, said that 23% of the planned construction work for the warehouse had been carried out since an agreement on the implementation of the project phase II was signed last September.

The warehouse construction project includes container yards and an asphalt access road by which goods will be delivered from Thanaleng Station to the warehouse, according to Mr Somsana.

The expansion project is to be financed with a Thai Government loan of over 400 billion kip (approx. US$50 million) including 176 billion kip (US$ 22 million) for warehouse construction and over 160 billion kip (approx. USD 20 million) for railway extension, which has yet to commence.

Constructors are currently building administrative offices and staff dormitories in Khamsavat Village, in Xaysetha District, seven kilometers from Thanaleng Train Station.

The Lao-Thai Railway Project phase II is expected to be completed by 2015.