Land activist Vanny’s 30-month jailterm upheld by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Cambodia today (Wednesday) upheld the two lower court’s 30-month imprisonment imposed on a land activist charged with inciting violence during a protest in front of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s residence in 2013, according to The Phnom Penh Post reported on Wednesday(Feb 7).

During the hearing before the court’s verdict, the defendant, Tep Vanny, said there was no proof or evidence that she committed the offences as charged.

“I would like you to provide justice to me because I have been in prison for one and half years,” she said.

As with all of the lower court hearings, the plaintiffs – Don Penh security guards Hao Hoeum and Ouk Ratana – did not appear in court today nor they did send a representative.

Their written statements which were read out in court have been the only evidence presented against the defendant.
Vanny has to serve another six months for a separate protest outside the City Hall in 2011.

A long-time government foe, Vanny was one of the few activists attempting to keep alive the civil society-iniated “Black Monday” protests – weekly peaceful demonstrations calling for the release of four human rights staffers and one election official imprisoned for allegedly bribing a hairdresser to deny a purported affair with a CNRP leader.