Labour Ministry hopes to find jobs for 100,000 unemployed graduates in 3 months

The Labour Ministry has set a target to find jobs for about 100,000 unemployed graduates with a BA degree within three months, said Labour Minister Adul Saengsingkaeo on Monday.

Citing a report from the National Statistical Office which shows that there are more than 400,000 unemployed in May, including 170,000 who were graduated with a BA degree, mostly in social science field, the minister said that the ministry set out an emergency measure and a long-term measure to address the unemployment problem.

As for the emergency measure, he said the ministry would provide job recommendations and promote independent occupations to the jobless which are expected to secure about 2,000 job vacancies.

On top of that, the ministry will open up 11 centres in upcountry provinces to match job seekers with employers through the Employment Department for 20,000 job vacancies plus 4,500 job vacancies in the EEC area.

As for the long-term measure, the Labour Ministry will coordinate with the Education Ministry to provide occupational recommendations to students starting from primary education and to adjust curricula that will fit in with the requirements of business operators.

Mr Thanit Sorat, vice president of National Labour Advisory Council, said colleges and universities must design their curricula to train students in specific fields such as English language and computer science which will help increase the chance of students to be employed after their graduation.