Kosit says he smelled smoke on the plane

A former Bangkok governor election candidate Kosit Suvinijit said he smelled smoke as he was leaving the Thaiairways International’s Airbus A300-310 which skidded while landing at Suvarnabhumi airport last night.

Kosit, who was among the 288  passengers on TG-679 flight  and on first class seat, said before the landing, the captain apologized to  passengers that the plane might park farther from the passenger terminal reasoning that there was repair work on the runway.

He said the landing was normal until he saw two metal pieces falling down and the plane then skidded and slid through the runway as it was about to park.

At that moment he felt something went wrong and some passengers at the rear  shouting there was a fire and suddenly all lights on the plane were turned off, he said.

The emergency door then opened and all passengers were told by the captain to immediately leave the plane through the emergency slides and run away as far as possible from the plane, he said.

He said he didn’t know what happened exactly but thought there was problem with the wheels.

He looked back to the plane after getting far from it and saw smoke cover the whole plane  and fire engines were rushing to the plane.

He added that he suffered minor pain on the back as he was hit by passengers keep sliding down from the plane through the emergency ladder.

Meanwhile the Civil Aviation Department director-general Woradech Harnprasert said that initial inspection of the plane  showed that the bogie beam holding the wheel base was broken  and falling out causing the wheels to go free. The plane then slid for 400 meters before coming to a stop on the runway.

He said it would take about 24 hours to remove the plane out of the runway and the department was coordinating with THAI to rearrange the landing of planes at the Suvarnabhumi airport.