Korea King suspends its TV advertisements

The importer and sole distributor of Korea King cooking pans has suspended its advertisements of the product in all TV channels following a decision of the Consumers Protection Committee to ban the advertisements.

Wizard Solution Company also promised to edit the content of its advertisements which were alleged to be overstated regarding the specifications and prices of the cooking pans.

The company expressed regret that the advertisements caused discomfort to the public and apologized for not making clear on several issues last week.

As for the quality of the cooking pans, the Diamond and Gold series, the company said it was confident that the products met the production standard of South Korea.

Regarding its product presenter, Mr Wutthitorn “Woody” Milinthachinda, the company said that the presenter was not a co-owner or a shareholder of the company. It offered an apology to Wutthitorn for the negative consequences.