KL apologizes Indonesia over flag mistake at 29th SEA Games

Indonesia’s Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrowi has praised the Malaysian government for its quick response to his protest over a flag incident and he has asked his fellow Indonesians to put aside the issue and move on with the games, according to The Jakarta Post Online report on Sunday (Aug 20).

The flag incident involved the misprinting of the Indonesian flag in the opening ceremony’s guidebook. The Red and White flag was placed upside down with the white atop the red.

Mr Nahrowi spotted the error and immediately expressed his disappointment on his official Twitter account, demanding an official apology from the Malaysian government.

“Our government certainly accepts the apology.  This (incident) will never change our bonds and brotherhood,” Imam told journalists after meeting his Malaysian counterpart in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday.

“However, we ask that no more problems like this happen in the future.  The national flag is a matter of national pride,” he added.

Malaysian Youth and Sports Minister Brig. Gen. Khairy Jamaluddin assured there would be no more mistakes in the future.  He added the Foreign Ministry would also offer an official apology to the Indonesian government immediately.

Malaysia is hosting the 29th SEA Games through August 30 in Kuala Lumpur.