Khru Jomsap arrested

Nakhon Phanom police today (Nov 25) arrested Jomsap Sanmuangkote  after the provincial court issued warrant for her arrest for perjury charge.

She was escorted from her home in Khok Srisuphan district to the police for questioning before being taken to the police station in Nakhon Phanom.

The police accused her of fabricating evidence to testify in the court to back her petition for a retrial of a car accident in 2005 which killed a motorcyclist. She claimed she was not the driver of the car and she was a scapegoat.

However, the Supreme Court on Nov 17 rejected her petition for revival of the case, reasoning that the witnesses were not trustworthy. The court also suspected a  conspiracy to fabricate evidence.

Ruling by the court prompted the police to investigate and charge her of perjury after one fake witness confessed to the police he was hired to be the driver of the car, not Mrs Jomsap.

If found guilty of perjury, she could face up to 7 years in prison and a fine of 14,000 baht, or facing both.

Mrs Jomsap has been convicted to three years in prison for the car crash but she was released on royal amnesty in 2015 after serving one and a half year in prison.