Khanun tropical storm is forming but has no direct impact on Thailand

The Meteorological Department issued the latest announcement on weather condition on Saturday saying the tropical depression in the East of the Philippines has now strengthened to tropical storm and us moving to the South China Sea.

In its announcement late today, the department said the “Khanun” tropical depression has now gained strength and developed to tropical storm.

Khanun is now moving into the centre of the South China Sea at 10.00am at the wind speed of 65 kilometres an hour at the centre. It is moving 26 kilometres an hour towards Hainan Island and Upper Vietnam.

It said the tropical storm is expected to weaken fastly to depression as it makes landfall on the upper Vietnamese coast and an upper region of Laos during October 15-17.

It weakens because of the arrival of the high-pressure wind from China that will cover Vietnam and the upper region of Laos.

But it said the depression will have no direct impact on Thailand’s weather.

However, it said Thailand will continue to face heavy rains in some areas over the next two days as the monsoon wind is still blowing pass the lower Central Region and the South and the high-pressure wind is blanketing Vietnam and Laos