Justice Ministry steps in to help Ms Nicha

The Justice Ministry has stepped in to help the woman whose ID card was stolen and used to open nine bank accounts from seven commercial banks to hide money duped from victims of a call centre gang.

Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister ACM Prajin Juntong said Friday (Jan 12) that he had instructed Tak governor in his capacity as the provincial justice official to help the victim, Ms Nicha Kiatthanapaibul, and to find more facts about the case, especially its connection with money laundering, public fraud and pyramid scheme.

He said he expected an updated report from the governor every 15 days.

According to Ms Nicha, her wallet containing the ID card and ATM card was stolen on Oct 6 last year as she was travelling on a bus from Bang Yai district of Nonthaburi to Lak Song in Bangkok’s Bang Khae district.

She asked her bank to stop the use of her ATM card and, at the same time, reported to the police of her missing ID card and applied for a new one at the district office where she has the domicile.

However, on last Dec 28, she received a summons from Tak police demanding her to report herself to the police there.  On Jan 6, she reported herself to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) in Bangkok, but was sent to Tak police where she was charged for alleged involvement with a call centre scam and held in detention for three days before she was granted bail.

Ms Nicha found out from the CSD police that hundreds of thousands baht had been transferred to her nine bank accounts allegedly by the call centre gang.

After her release on bail, she lodged a complaint with the CSD, questioning the performance of the banks which opened bank accounts for the person who used her stolen ID card as an evidence without rechecking with authorities concerned whether it was still valid or not because it had already been revoked at her request.