Joint sitting of House and Senate will be empowered to impeach political appointees

The Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) has endorsed an amended provision of the draft charter which will empower the joint sitting of the Senate and the House to impeach political office holders.

The Senate, meanwhile, will have the powers to impeach appointees appointed by the Senate and other appointees besides political office holders.

According to the amended provision approved by the CDC, impeachment process will start with an impeachment case presented to the House speaker or the Senate speaker and then the case will be forwarded to the National Anti-Corruption Commission for an investigation.

An impeachment ruling will require three fifths of the votes of the House and the Senate and an impeachment ruling of the Senate will require more than half of the votes of the Senate.

As for the issue of criminal litigation against political office holders, the amended draft charter calls for the creation of a three-member independent enquiry panel to probe the case.

The Election Commission will retain the power to issue yellow cards and to call new elections while election results are not announced yet. But if election results have already been announced, the power to issue yellow cards will rest with the Appeals Court.