Jay Kiew says “No” to bus fare reduction

The president of the Bus Operators' Association says bus fare will not be cut despite diesel price had declined several times in the past weeks.

The president, Mrs Sujinda Cherdchai, or best known as “Jay Kiew” reaffirmed her defiance to call by the state to reduce bus fare when she was asked about the fare reduction after diesel price now falls below 20 baht a litre.

She said although diesel now falls below 20 baht or the lowest price in almost seven years, it was still not justified to cut bus fares.

She said private bus operators still have to shoulder high operation cost such as maintenance cost, falling number of customers of up to 60-70%, and people turning to drive by themselves, and to low cost airlines.

These factors had forced some operators to give up operations, she claimed.

Therefore, she said, it was unreasonable to adjust bus fares down.

The Transport Department has recently called on public transport operators to cut their service fees in line with the declining oil prices.

So far, several logistic companies, ferry, canal and  river boat operators have cut their transport fees, and fares. But private bus operators shuttling interprovincial bus service remain cool to the call.