ISOC to replace metal tanks with resin tanks in troubled south

The Internal and Security Operation Command is proposing the government to replace LPG metal gas tanks with fibre-glass tanks after southern insurgents exploited the metal tanks to make bombs.

ISOC secretary-general Gen Udomdech Sitabutr revealed the proposal  after presiding over a ceremony to receive 100 fibre-glass gas tanks for use in a pilot project to replace metal tanks in the southern provinces.

He said that the army chief has the idea of replacing metal tanks with fibre-glass tanks to prevent southern insurgent from turning them into powerful explosives.

In the first phase, these fibre-glass tanks will be used in the southern communities where their members have undergone training under the royal projects.

He said that after the test use, the army would seek cooperation from the private sector via the Energy Ministry to replace all metal tanks used in three trouble-plagued southern provinces with fibre-glass tanks.

Meanwhile deputy secretary-general of the Energy Business of the Finance Ministry Mr Pramote Yantaksa said three private companies have shown interest to distribute  the fibre-glass or resin gas tanks. But they still await the response from the people in the area if they want to replace or not.