Insurgency raging in South

Muslim insurgents and their local elements continued to intimidate fear among motorists using the Phetkasem highway with the planting of fake bombs and burning tyres on a section of the highway from Ban Nieng to Lam Mai in Muang district of Yala province.

The planting of suspicious objects in box shapes and burning car tyres on the highway to Narathiwat province in Village Group 6 of Tambon Lam Mai forced the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) police several hours to clear the suspicious objects and fire engines to extinguish the fires, and opened the section to motorists again this morning.

Investigations showed that four youths in two motorcycles drove into the area at about 4.00 a.m. today placing car tyres on the road and then set them afire.

Police said these youths might be newly recruits of the insurgents to disturb peace and they were checking surveillance cameras to find clues and brought them to trial.