Injured Thai-Swiss girl in apartment balcony collapse dies 

The 7-year-old Thai-Swiss girl who fell from  the fourth-floor balcony of a five-storey apartment building on Soi Ramkhamhaeng 34, Bangkok,  on May 1 along with her younger  brother  and two elder sisters succumbed to death early on Tuesday at Ramkhamhaeng Hospital.

The girl, Chanida Borell, 7, died today after her condition worsened since yesterday afternoon.

Doctors said that she was admitted to the hospital in coma  since May 1 along with her younger brother Khanatcha “Alex” Borell, 5, her sisters Luca Borell, 10, and Pamela Borell, 11

Alex died from a head injury at the hospital  while Luca, Chanida and Pamela were wounded.

But Chanida was put  under close medical surveillance since then as she was in coma.

The four Thai-Swiss siblings fell from the fourth-floor balcony onto the ground outside the five-storey apartment building on Soi Ramkhamhaeng 34 at 1am on May 1.

Chanida’s condition deteriorated yesterday afternoon after developing instant blood pressure drop and heart stopped beating despite efforts to save her life.

Her death caused her Swiss father Marshall Leon Borell sobbing in grief as he too came to the hospital since yesterday after hearing his daughter’s deteriorated condition.