Indian man nabbed for stealing at Suvarnabhumi airport

An Indian man was arrested on Thursday (Dec 28) at a passenger’s terminal in Suvarnabhumi international airport on theft charge by immigration officials and airport police.

The suspect, Agawal Prashant, was accused of stealing a wallet of a Thai passenger with 25,000 baht in cash at the passenger’s terminal on Dec 25. Police and immigration officials checked the CCTV footage at the terminal and was able to pinpoint the suspect. Police then sought an arrest warrant for him.

Three days afterward on Thursday, the suspect returned to the airport, prompting the authorities to arrest him.

Mr Prashant, however, denied he stole the Thai passenger’s wallet, claiming that he picked the wrong wallet, believing that it belongs to him.

He also claimed that he didn’t know how to contact the wallet’s owner because there was no contact number in the bag, so he decided to return to the airport today to contact officials to locate the real owner.

However, the police were not convinced and charged him with theft.