IEAT says it can protect all industrial parks from flooding

The governor of the Industrial Estate of Thailand today assured that it would be able to protect all industrial estates from flooding this year.

Assurance from the governor, Mr Virapong Chaiperm, came as the Chao Phraya river passing the central region is swelling, overflowing and inundating  large areas of Ayutthay, Sing Buri and Ang Thong where many industrial parks are located.

The governor said that the IEAT could take care of all these industrial parks and protect them from flooding.

But he admitted that the rising water in the central region remained worrying but not reaching the level that could pose threat to industrial parks.

However the rising water needed close monitoring from now until next week when tropical storm could pour in more water to the region.

For the protection of industrial parks in Ayutthaya province which was worst hit in 2011, the governor said that the IEAT has measures to cope with the situation which include flood walls, mobile flood barricade, pumping system and the readiness of all flood protection equipment.

In case of emergency, he added that the IEAT had conducted flood prevention drills to enable all its staff, park operators  know how to handle the flood situation in each area of responsibility and to help monitor the situation.