Husband and wife found brutally killed by southern militants

A 51-year-old Buddhist husband and his 41-year-old wife whose pickup truck was stolen to make car bomb by southern militants were found dead near the bank of Thepha river in Thepha district of Songkhla today.

Their bodies with both hands tied to the back and eyes blindfolded with cloth were found after the police tried all day yesterday to locate them after their truck was found abandoned in front of Border Patrol Police 433 base in Thepha district yesterday.

The abandoned truck was discovered to be loaded with two homemade bombs weighing 80 kilograms and was timed to go off. However the bombs were safely defused.

Thepha police said Kajpon Puvavimol and wife Titapha were blindfolded and their hands tied to the back by southern militants who commandeered their vehicle while driving in Thepha district.

The militants drove them to a rubber plantation, forced them out, brutally hacked them to death before driving the stolen truck to Ruamjaipak bridge, and dumped their bodies from the bridge to the river.

Poluce found blood traces on the bridge surface.

Police are looking through all CCTV cameras on the road to hunt down this group of barbaric militants.