Hun Sen dares EU to impose sanctions on Cambodia

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has dared the European Union to impose sanctions on Cambodia, saying he will never bow to threats or intimidation, The Phnom Penh Post reported on Monday (Dec 18).

He made the above remark to garment factory workers on Koh Pich on Sunday in an apparent reponse to a resolution of the European Parliament on Thursday (Dec 14) urging the European Commission to consider imposing visa sanctions of certain Cambodian officials responsible for the crackdown of the Opposition and freezing their assets.

“Do not be the dog that acts just for only a bone or a piece of meat – it is not valuable.  For example, they threatened that ‘If you do not follow my order, I will cut this and that.’ Cut it!,” said Hun Sen, adding “you cut that and you choose either a few people or 15 million people.”

Referring to the visa restrictions, which have already been imposed by the US, Hun Sen threatened to react in kind.   “Do not forget that they also need to enter our country, and we will restrict it, and it is not wrong,” he said.

On Friday at a ceremony for gold medal winners at the29th Southeast Asia Games in Phnom Penh, Hun Sen also mockingly dared the EU to follow through on the European Parliament’s resolution to freeze the assets of Cambodian leaders.

But political analyst Meas Nee said while Hun Sen might not suffer from the assets freezing measure, Cambodia’s reputation may suffer.