Hun Sen accuses US of destabilizing the Middle East

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has accused the United States of destabilizing the Middle East where he said American policy had given rise to destructive “colour revolution”.

According to The Phnom Penh Post Online on Monday, Mr Hun Sen lauded his government’s efforts of bringing peace and development to Cambodia while highligted the fate of the Middle East where he said US interference had been a destabilizing force.

“Please look at the Middle East after there was interference by foreigners to create colour revolution such as in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Egypt and Iraq where Saddam Hussein was toppled by the US, said Mr Hun Sen.

“Have those countries received any achievement under the terms of democracy and human rights? From day to day, thousands of people have been killed. This is the result of doing wrong politics and America is wrong.”

Prime Minister Hun Sen also said that Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, shared his critical view of US policy in Iraq which had allowed the Islamic State terror group a foothold in the region.