(UPDATED/VIDEO) Huge meteorite falls on earth in Thailand

A huge fireball believed to be a meteorite fell on earth and was seen by many people in the country during the morning rush hour.

The huge fireball fell vertically on earth and witnessed by thousands of Bangkok people driving to work and walking on the streets during the morning rush hour at 8.45 am.

It was so bright and in green and orange colours when it fell down vertically from the sky with white smoke tail.

There was no sound of explosion when it fell on earth and disappeared in Bangkok sky.

But residents in Sisawat district of Kanchanaburi province, about 200 kilometres away from Bangkok, also reported sighting the fireball and followed by a thunderous explosion.

One resident said at first she thought it was an aircraft accident but district officials affirmed there was no aircraft accident in the area.

But a relief organisation foundation rescue worker in Kanchanaburi reported hearing two explosions and now a team of rescue workers was sent out to  locate the scene of explosion.

JS 100 Radio Station interviewed an astrologer who said it might be a meteorite which could fall day and night.

But this time this meteorite might be huge and was then seen on broad daylight.

Aeronautical Radio of Thailand later confirmed no aircraft accident and said it could possibly be a meteorite, the traffic radio station said.

Motorists began filing in pictures of the fireball caught from their car video cameras to JS 100 station showing tail of white smoke plunging from the sky.

(VDO Footage from motorist who filmed the meteorite while driving on Ngamwongwan road outbound to Nonthaburi)


(Video footage of motorist filming what believed to be meteorite on Prachautit road)