Huge drug cache found inside abandoned cold storage truck

Pathumthani provincial police last night found almost three million methamphetamine pills hidden inside an abandoned cold storage truck at a petrol station in Khlong Luang district.

The finding came after Charan Ruangdet, a truck driver from Mon Transport Co, alerted the Khlong Luang police after sensing rotten smell and noticing sacks were beneath the vegetables inside an abandoned cold storage truck of Tui Guarantee delivery company parked at an Esso pump station.

The cold storage truck obstructed the passage to fill the fuel tank of the station.

Police and the governor of Pathumthani arrived to inspect.

The police later opened the unlocked back door, and found baskets of vegetables inside.

The vegetables began to rot.

Beneath the rotten vegetables they found 20 sacks. After opening the sacks, the drugs were found.

A total 2.96 million methamphetamine pills were counted.

According to investigation, the truck had been left there since early Tuesday.

Nobody was arrested after the recovery.

Police were investigating to find the origin of the drugs.