Hua Hin beach vendors defy evacuation order

Vendors at  Hua Hin beach  have refused to move out after being told to leave  by Prachuab Khirikhan authorities in an effort to reorganise beach stalls under the military junta' s  beach clean-up plan to return the beaches to nature.

Hua Hin governor Vera Sriwatanatrakul said he would try again to  explain to the vendors the plan of the National Council for Peace and Order to reorganise  food stalls and food  vendors on beaches nationwide in a bid to teturn the beaches to the people and to  attract more foreign tourists to experience its natural beauty.

The governor said Hua Hin beach has long been encroached on by a number of vendors and resort owners, who have illegally built their own facilities right on the beach, which have become an eyesore.

The province needs to evict  all the vendors to designated places close to the beach and start cleaning up the beach and improving the landscape.

But the vendors, numbering about 200, continued to defy the order, claiming why authorities just want to evict only small operators, while ignoring major operators who have built permanent structures on the beach and were allowed to continue doing business.

They said this was unfair to them.
Besides they claimed that the  designated place for them to sell is too far away from the beach and is not commercial viable enough for trade.

But authorities explained that they did not ignore the major operators as now legal action has been taken and processed to evict them and this would  take some time.

(Photo : ThaiPBS file)