High waves and strong winds in southern sea prompt flying of red flags on beaches

As the Meteorological Department warned of a new round of cold spell that has arrived and blanketed the upper region of the country and will intensify seasonal monsoon winds in the country’s western and eastern coasts, Koh Samui authorities on Monday fly red flags along the beaches warning against swimming and sailing in rough sea.

The warning said the high pressure wind will have impact on the climate in the east coast of the South from December 17- 23.

It will intensify northeasterly monsoon that is covering the Gulf of Thailand, the South, and the Andaman Sea, and will bring in more rains in the east coast from December 17-18.

It said the Gulf of Thailand will expect rough sea of 2-3 metres high waves.

It then warned of danger against sailing into the sea and high waves hitting the beaches. Small boats are advised to stay ashore from December 17-23.

In respond to the rough sea warning, business operators on Koh Samui’s Chaweng beach today flied red flags along the beach warning tourists against swimming and sailing in the sea.

At other beaches, all tourist boats and yachts were anchored ashore as waves are high and winds are strong.