High court rejects Khru Jomsap’s petition for revival of her car accident case

The Supreme Court has rejected the petition of school teacher Jomsap Sanmuangkote for the revival of a fatal car accident case in which she was found guilty and sentenced to three years and two months by three courts.

The court ruled that there was no new evidence to justify the revival of her case and that her witnesses appeared to be suspicious. The court’s ruling was read this afternoon (Nov 17) at Nakhon Phanom provincial court.

The court noted that Mrs Jomsap did not present Mr Sap Wapee who claimed to be the driver of the pickup truck which was involved in the accident to testify despite the fact that his testimony could convince the court to revive her case.

The testimony of another witness, Mrs Tasanee Harnpayak, who claimed to have witnessed the accident, was not credible whereas the third witness, Mrs Thongret Wongseecha, who claimed that the driver was a male, not a female, did not testify to the police inquiry officers from the beginning but showed up to testify later on and, therefore, her testimony was deemed incredible, according to the court.

Also, the court said the forensic examination report of a pickup truck with licence plate Bor Kor 56 Sakhon Nakhon, submitted by Mrs Jomsap as an evidence to back up her petition was a piece of old evidence because it was presented three times already in the past.

The Supreme Court also took note of the existence of a gang, led by a man named Suriya, who allegedly offered Sap Wapee 400,000 baht to testify that he was the real driver but Sap later withdrew. Suriya later approached another man, Prasert Roopsa-ard, with 200,000 baht offer, but the man declined because he could not drive.

Former teacher Jomsap says she accepts the court’s ruling

The accident occurred in Renu Nakhon district of Nakhon Phanom on March 11, 2005 when a Green Isuzu pick-up truck with license plate Number Bor Kor 56 Sakhon Nakhon in which she was alleged to have driven rammed into a cyclist, Mr Lua Porbamrung, was fatally injured.

She was charged with reckless driving causing death to another person and then prosecuted.  She was found guilty by the first court and sentenced to three years and two months.  She appealed the verdict and lost her case in both the Appeal and Supreme courts which upheld her jailterm.

After having served one year and six months behind bars, Mrs Jomsap was given a Royal pardon and released from jail in 2015.

She then petitioned for the revival of her case with the Justice Ministry, claiming that she was wrongly charged by the police.