High court chief justice told to attend impeachment hearing or else..

Embattled Supreme Court chief justice Lourdes Sereno has been urged to show up at the hearing of the House Committee on Justice in connection with the impeachment compliant filed against her or face violation of the Constitution, according to The Manila Times Online on Monday.

Supreme Court associate justice Noel Tijam said on Sunday that Sereno, being the head of the third branch of government, must respect the rule of law and the constitutional process.

In an interview with The Manila Times, he warned that if Sereno remains defiant to recognize the impeachment process, she would be violating the Constitution, which Supreme Court justices are mandated to uphold and defend.

He said he wanted the chief justice to show up at the Congress hearings “to respect and participate in the impeachment process and to defend herself and protect the institution.

“Sereno should be a role model when it comes to respecting the Constitution, he added.

Tijam believes that the impeachment against Sereno is not an attack on the judiciary or the high court because the Supreme Court does not consist of the chief justice alone.

He cited former Supreme Court chief justice Renato Corona, saying that the latter joined the impeachment process by attending his impeachment trial.

As for himself, Tijam said he would attend the hearings not to testify against Sereno, but to shed light on certain issues.