Heightened security at southern economic areas

Southern security officials are placed at maximum alert following the recent disclosure of a plot by the southern militants to sabotage the southern economy this week.

The plot was revealed after police and soldiers arrested and questioned several suspects in the arson attack of a Betong-Bangkok bus in Yala’s Bannang Sata district on Dec 17.

Some of the suspects revealed the plot to sabotage economic areas in southern provinces during Jan 6-10, according to security sources.

The commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 9 overseeing the South has ordered heightened security watch out in seven districts of Songkhla. They include Muang Songkhla, Hat Yai, Sadao, Chana, Thepha, Na Thawi and Saba Yoi.

Security officials and the police were ordered to increase checks on public service areas, rented houses and dormitories where staff were told to strictly keep record of the renters and check their ID cards.

Authorities also seek cooperations from local people to keep attentive to their surroundings, particularly vehicles which are left unattended by their owners.