Health Ministry promises to probe beer advertisements in social media

The Public Health Ministry has promised to investigate health activists’ allegation that major breweries have used celebrities to advertise their beer in the social media.

The promised action from the ministry was in response to the demand of health activist groups whose representatives rallied at the Ministry of Public Health on Friday with their demand for action against the breweries in question.

Mr Thirapat Kahawong, a coordinator of the network of youths to prevent new drinkers, said that the use of celebrities as presenters of their beers constituted advertisements in disguise to stimulate sale which goes against the ministerial regulation regarding advertisements of alcoholic drinks.

He pointed out that the disguised advertisements appeared in the social media, Instagram in particular.

Mr Kamron Chudecha, a coordinator of another health group, pointed out that the way the images which were posted on the social media were shot which clearly show the beer were intended for marketing purpose.

Pakorn “Dome” Lam and six other celebrities, including Waranchaya Chindararakwong and Virithipa Pakdeeprasong appeared on Chang’s website to promote the beer’s new bottle colour.