Hat Yai’s famous Ton Nga Charng waterfall closed after twister strike

The Ton Nga Charng Wildlife Sanctuary today ordered the closure of its famous Ton Nga Charng waterfall in Hat Yai district of Song Khla province for three days after it was struck by a string twister yesterday (Sept 12).

The twister which forestry officials said they never saw before in the past 40 years in this sanctuary where the famous waterfall is located broke off tree branches, uprooted trees, flattened utility poles and blew away office roofs.

More than 40 trees, several cars, and park office buildings were damaged.

The twister struck the park for 20 minutes, park officials said.

The wind came as there was heavy rains, they said.

About 100 workers today began to remove the fallen trees, utility poles and assess the damage before reporting to the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department for assistance.

Initially the waterfall is closed for three days to all visitors until all debris and wreckages were cleared and electricity and telecommunications are restored back to normal.

The waterfall is a favourite tourist spot for Chinese and Malaysian tourists while visiting Hat Yai.