Gunfire attack at protest leader’s home in Ratchaburi

The home of an anti-government leader attached to the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) in Ratchaburi was attacked by gunmen causing damage to property but no injury.

The protest leader Yuthapol Pathomsathit disclosed this morning that the front steel gate of his shophouse “Paisarl Hardware”  was riddled with more than 10 bullet holes in the attack which happened at about 2.45 a.m. today.

He said the bullets also struck and damaged lanterns and decoration glasses inside the house.

He said he was sleeping inside the shop-house when he heard sounds which he first through was firecrackers in front of the house.

He came out to find that it was gunfire and his house was attacked.

Neighbours told him that before the gunfire, a sedan came in front of his house and then gunshots were heard, and the car sped off.

He believed the gun attack was politically motivated  after he joined the PDRC protesters to encircle Ratchaburi town hall and other local government offices,  and also is a leader protesting a floodway project on the Mae Klong river.