Graft buster to meet Thursday on temple frauds 

The National Ani-Corruption Commission (NACC) will meet on Thursday to consider taking legal action against eight state officials and other individuals in the frauds of state subsidies to 12 temples. 


NACC secretary-general Sansern Poljiak said the Counter Corruption Division (CCD) police have already submitted investigation reports to the NACC to further investigate the corruption scam that involved eight current and retired officials of the Office of National Buddhism accused of misappropriating over 60 million baht in subsidies to 12 temples.

He said NACC authorities were in the process of making a conclusion of the reports to the NACC board which would meet on Thursday to consider if their wrongdoings meet the criteria stated under Articles 147 and 157 of the Criminal Code.

He said Article 147 deals with state officials in charge of procurement and management of assets but misappropriation of the assets for either  personal or other’s gains, while Article 157 deals with negligence of duty by state official, inflicting damages to the state or other.

If the board decides their offences meet the criteria, then a subcommittee will be appointed to probe the scam immediately without having to await the CCD police to file reports of all temples involved.