Graft-buster to indict 14 persons in 2015 city light show for corruption

The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has agreed to indict 14 people of corruption charges for the 39.5 million baht decorative lighting project of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) in 2015.

A NACC board director Mrs Suwana Suwanjuta named BMA deputy governor Jumpol Sampaopol among 14 BMA officials and individuals to be indicted after its investigation has found grounds of corruption in the BMA’s 39.5-million decorative-light project.

She said the NACC is currently compiling a full report of the case for submission to the Office of the Attorney-General to prosecute all the 14 persons involved in the case.

She expected to finish compiling all details within the next two weeks.

Former Bangkok governor MR Sukhumbhand Paribatra,  however, was not among the list of the 14 persons to be indicted by the NACC.

The light show or “Bangkok Light of Happiness”  was part of the BMA’s policy to bring happiness to Bangkok. The event aimed to promote tourism and generate income for small businesses when tourism and the local economy were suffering. The show featured five million LED lights and crystal light fixtures.

But the State Audit Commission (SAC) has found evidence of price collusion in the contract bidding.

The commission also found that the companies which won the contract to carry out the project had no experience installing light decorations.