Graffiti arts in deep south to ease tension

Despite of continuous violence in the deep south that sees army and police trucks rumbling down roads in southern towns on daily patrols, Yala is now resorting to street art as a path of peace and make its people feel relief and relaxed after having to live under fear of bomb threats and shootings for almost a decade.

Graffiti artists were invited to the Yala town painting on public walls, damaged buildings, and alleys with hope that art could at least bring happiness to the local people.

One national graffiti artist Patcharapol Tangruen, 36, is among other artists from Bangkok doing the job in this insurgency-plagued province.

Patcharapol, also known as Alex Face, is a well-known and influential graffiti artist in Thailand.

He said he was approached by the Yala City Administration to do the paintings.

He said the local administration officials told him that they wanted to create street arts in the town so as to enable peace of minds and ease of stress among the townspeople.

He was tasked to spray paint public wall along the Nualsakul road in the municipal area, he said.

The lively and colourful graffiti drew warm welcome by local residents, he said.

One resident Sombat Padungtaksin said the street arts bring happiness to the communities adding it was a creative activity.

Yala City Administration intends to create peaceful environment in the town and ease uncomfortable atmosphere amid the current unrest with the street arts. Earlier it has devised Bird City” and also turned bomb bunkers in downtown area into graffiti galleries.