Governor expects some “good news” today

Chiang Rai governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn said on Friday that, with sunshine and good weather, he expected there might be a good news today as officials would be able to do more in their search and rescue without much disruptions.

He disclosed that police paratroopers from the Naresuan camp and other rescue workers were able to lower themselves about 40 metres into the cave through a shaft at a spot known as Tham Phra.

The rescue team, he added, reported that there was no flooding on the cave floor which was muddy and with water emerging from holes on the floor.

The governor said further that officials had been trying all possible means to help the missing 13 and the main job was to drain water as much and as quick as possible out of the cave to enable the Seal team and foreign cave divers to be able to perform their duty continuously.

At about 3 pm, one rescue volunteer from Ubon Ratchathani who was performing his duty near the water pumps blacked out and had to be given first aid treatment.  He denied press reports that the volunteer had been electrocuted.