Government to sign agreement with rubber planters

A government representative will leave for Nakhon Si Thammarat to sign an agreement on rubber subsidy scheme with representatives of rubber planters.

Pol Maj-Gen Thawat Boonfuang, deputy secretary-general of the Prime Minister, will today sign the agreement on behalf of the government to ensure the planters that the government would honour the agreement.

Under the agreement, rubber planters will receive a subsidy amounting to 2,520 baht per rai of rubber plantation up to a maximum of 25 rai for a period of seven months starting September.

As for legal actions against some rubber planters who resorted to violence during the recent protests and some of their leaders who incited violence, Thawat said that the cases would be dealt with in accordance with the letters of the law.

Leaders of protesting southern rubber planters earlier demanded that the government not to take legal actions against them and other trouble-makers.

Meanwhile the committee  overseeing standards of industrial products was instructed by the Industrial Works Department to speed up issuing new regulations governing quality of rubber products such as car tyres in order to protect locally-produced tyres against the dumping of cheap tyres from China.