Government seeks help from YouTube and Google to stop criticism of the Monarchy

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has sought cooperation from You Tube and Google Thailand to stop the dissemination of contents which are deemed insulting or damaging to the Monarchy.

Deputy Prime Minister and acting DE Minister ACM Prajin Juntong said Friday that he had met with the management of the two internet service providers to complain about several contents in YouTube and Google which Thai authorities felt insulting to the Monarchy.

He disclosed that on October 19-20 alone, about 120 contents deemed insulting to the revered institution had been detected in YouTube and Google.

ACM Prajin claimed that the management of the two companies were fully aware of the current situation and the sentiments of the Thai people on matters concerning the Monarchy and they agreed to cooperate by setting up a team of Thai staff to receive complaints and to decide within 24 hours whether any content which appears on YouTube or Google and is deemed insulting to the Monarchy will be removed from the pages.

However, the deputy prime minister said that the management would like Thai authorities to send them copies of the court’s orders regarded the contents in question.

Moreover, the DE Ministry will seek cooperation from other website operators and Facebook social media in its attempt to stop the alleged slandering of the Monarchy.