Government refuses to lift ban on political activities

Political parties were dealt a big blow when Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan dismissed their calls for the lifting of the ban on political activities, saying that there are still several election-related bills which are yet to be enacted.

He said that there is still enough time for political parties to prepare themselves for the next election which is yet to be determined when it will be held.

The Political Party Act has recently come into force and several political parties have demanded that they be allowed to engage in political activities which have been prohibited since the military takeover about three years ago.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Wisanu Krea-ngarm pleaded with political parties to have patience for a little while as he assured that everything would be ready in accordance with the political roadmap and parties would not be affected.

He said the government understood the political parties’ predicaments and, hence, had the Political Party Act promulgated first.

Wisanu also noted that the government had to attend to all the activities related to the Royal cremation throughout October.