Government puts on hold banning riding on pickup truck beds 

The government has agreed to put on hold its order banning the riding in the back and cabs of pickup trucks after considering that such riding has become the way of life of Thai people.
 However it has designated the Royal Thai Police to issue extra regulations to ensure safety riding on these cargo spaces of pickup trucks.

Deputy transport minister Phichit Akrathit stated the need to ease the ban on a long term basis to implant safety conscience of the people.

He said the ease of the ban came after a meeting with relevant government agencies to discuss the issue after the ban triggered public outcry.

The meeting agreed that riding on pickup truck beds and enclosed cabs has long been practised and become the Thai way of life in travelling.

Sanit Phromwong, director-general of the Land Transport Department, said the Royal Thai Police which is the law enforcer was designated to issue extra regulations to ease the ban which will take effect immediately.

He said such eased restriction might include speed limit or passenger limit for pickup trucks with passengers riding on the truck beds cabs.

The eased regulation could be in use  temporarily or indefinitely depending on the police to decide, he said.